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What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365? All Modules Explained

Two years of a global pandemic made everyone realize that virtual workspaces and digital platforms are the future. With online collaborative platforms and cloud-based solutions finding more adoption than ever, we have now entered an age where it is difficult to imagine life without digital solutions.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one such solution that allows businesses to handle multiple processes from a centralized platform. It is a set of different software applications and services designed to provide an ideal combination of CRM and ERP features to users across the board. Right from managing day-to-day business activities to handling customer records to personalize sales and marketing processes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a one-stop solution for an array of different problems. 

Depending on the needs and preferences of users, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows them to choose from a range of different modules. This allows you to pay only for the services you are willing to avail yourself of.

However, before looking at the different modules, let us briefly discuss some of the key features offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Key Features Of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Unified Interface

To provide a seamless experience to the users, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has incorporated Unified Interface. The tool makes use of advanced web design principles to provide users with a consistent and optimal viewing experience while using screens of different types and sizes. Across all the apps and modules offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Unified Interface allows you to have a hassle-free user experience.

Sales and Marketing Forecasting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses your valuable data, analyzes it, and finds data-driven patterns to help you make valid sales and marketing forecasts. This allows users to build targeted campaigns across multiple channels while minimizing risks.

Routing Customer Cases

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to route the right customer cases to the right agents without any unnecessary delays. Based on the nature of the case and the issue raised, the CRM and ERP solution ensures that the customer receives the best possible support.

Site Map Designer

Instead of taking help from third-party developers and designers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to design site maps for their websites with its own site map designer. This feature facilitates the creation of site maps by using a simple drag-and-drop tool.

Relationship Insights

This is a tool designed for keeping track of the interactions you and your team members have with your customers and analysing the data pertaining to the same. This data can be used to obtain valuable insights, recommendations, and suggestions to enhance customer interactions.

Mobile Customization

To provide users with greater flexibility and allow them to work on the go, Microsoft Dynamics 365 facilitates seamless mobile customization of its services. This allows users to few dashboards, access applications, and perform business processes from their mobile devices without facing any hassles.

Now that we are well-versed with some of the core features of Microsoft Dynamics 365, let us have a look at its different modules.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Modules

Dynamics 365 For Sales

As the name suggests, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is the module designed to help businesses streamline their sales processes. It is built to create and manage holistic sales processes within your organization. Whether you follow the B2B or B2C approach, the module helps your sales department to convert more leads and drive more revenue home.

Through embedded insights, Dynamics 365 For Sales facilitates smarter and data-driven sales. It empowers your sales reps to build strong and lasting relations with your customers through the personalization of sales processes. It also offers AI-driven solutions to make intelligent predictions and sales forecasts.

Business Central

Business Central is a comprehensive ERP solution designed for small and medium enterprises. It is an adaptable and flexible solution that allows you to manage a plethora of different business processes using a centralized platform.

With business central, users can meet their day-to-day business needs revolving around supply chain management, financial management, manufacturing management, project management, service management, and more. The module provides your organization with a robust system for unifying your business processes and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Business Central also facilitates process automation to enhance the speed and accuracy of your business processes.

Dynamics 365 For Customer Service

If you want to provide personalized and holistic support to your customers, you should opt for this Microsoft Dynamics 365 module. Dynamics 365 For Customer Service allows you to engage with your customers across multiple channels to get their issues resolved and doubts solved.

The automated tools offered by the module make it easy for your service agents to handle customer cases and tailor solutions that are unique for every customer. Intelligent processes ensure that the agents do not make wrong decisions and provide adequate support whenever needed.

Moreover, the module continuously uses data and intelligence to analyze the services offered by the agents and provide them with recommendations to enhance their productivity.

Dynamics 365 For Field Service

If you are looking for an ideal balance between onsite and online processes, you can get yourself Dynamics 365 For Field Service. The module provides you with built-in intelligence that reduces your operational costs, and service issues, and improves onsite performances.

The module allows you and your team to enhance operational efficiency with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). It facilitates proactive troubleshooting, deleting, and resolving issues to ensure that a field worker is sent onsite only when needed.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 For Field Services empowers your field workers by providing them with a 365-degree view of the cases at hand and real-time assistance to ensure standard performance.

Dynamics 365 For Marketing

This module is designed to help organizations streamline their marketing processes. It allows marketers to create and manage targeted marketing campaigns across multiple platforms based on their offerings and the customers they cater to.

Dynamics 365 For Marketing is designed to help your marketing team find and convert sales-ready leads from multiple sources and persuade them to become your loyal customers. It also establishes a seamless connection between your sales and marketing processes for an organized approach.

The domain helps you prioritize leads to be nurtured, track the progress with every lead, and build personalized buying journeys for your customers. Embedded analytics and intelligence can be used for predicting customer behaviours and obtaining valuable insights about the performance of your marketing team over time.

Dynamics 365 For Project Automation

As the name rightly suggests, this module is created specifically for project management teams to handle projects with high efficiency. It allows your team to accelerate business growth by keeping track of ongoing projects and ensuring that they are brought to fruition in the best ways possible.

Right from optimizing your resources and forecasting project profitability to centralizing the approach to project management, Dynamics 365 For Project Automation helps you drive digitization while working on your projects.

Dynamics 365 For Finance And Operations

This module is designed for organizations that are willing to enhance their ERP functionality based on their specific requirements. It allows your teams to adjust to the dynamic and constantly evolving environment without the need to manage infrastructure.

Dynamics 365 For Supply Chain Management

This Microsoft Dynamics 365 module allows users to manage the product life cycle starting with order creation and ending with a finished item that is either ready to be sold to consumers or sent for another phase of production. The module is designed to keep track of every stage of the production life cycle for different products manufactured by your organization.

Dynamics 365 For Supply Chain Management helps you modernize business logistics, deliver timely responses to customers, predict the demand for specific products, and streamline procurement using advanced tools. Moreover, the module helps you unify multiple processes, right from sales to final fulfilment.

Dynamics 365 For Commerce

This module is designed to help retailers unify their companies’ back-office and on-store operations. Dynamics 365 For Commerce helps you enhance the in-store experiences of your customers and the productivity of your employees while engaging with them. It also allows you to create innovative and robust shopping experiences to get the traction you are looking for.

The module allows you to create unified shopping experiences for your customers to drive home more revenue and earn loyal customers. It also helps you manage multiple stores from a centralized platform to ensure consistency while serving your customers.

Dynamics 365 For Human Resources

This module is designed to help organizations hire and train skilled professionals who are perfect for the positions to be filled. It provides your HR managers and their team members with automated tools for hiring new employees, resolving their issues, and looking after their well-being on an ongoing basis.

The Final Word

These were the key features and modules offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM and ERP service provides organizations with an all-in-one solution for handling their business processes the right way. If you are willing to drive digitization within your organization, you should certainly consider implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365.