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Salesforce Implementation Servies

Make the most out of Salesforce CRM to leverage your business processes with our Salesforce implementation services

Salesforce has created its niche in the CRM market and has been a market leader for more than two decades. The cloud-based platform allows organizations to manage their customer records to provide personalized services to them. With our Salesforce implementation services, we help you optimize the CRM platform based on your specific requirements and achieve all your business goals in the best way possible.

As your Salesforce implementation partners, we would tailor our services based on the customers you cater to, the business processes you are willing to automate, and the department you want to design the CRM platform for.

Before diving into the service we provide, let us understand what Salesforce implementation is.

What Do You Mean By Salesforce Implementation?

In simple words, Salesforce implementation is the process of developing and setting up Salesforce for your organization. It involves dedicated Salesforce implementation partners assessing your business needs and building the CRM platform accordingly.

Salesforce implementation services are tailored based on the specific needs of an organization to provide users with business-specific tools and features. According to the industry you operate in and the department that needs to work on the CRM platform, you can implement different Salesforce products or ‘Clouds’ within your organization.

With Infusai, you can rest assured that dedicated Salesforce experts would guide you every step of the way in bringing your implementation project to fruition.

Why Choose Our Salesforce Implementation Services?

Team Of Skilled Professionals

All our Salesforce implementation services are offered by a team of skilled and dedicated professionals with years of experience in the industry. As your Salesforce implementation partners, we ensure that you are provided with the best services offered by the best professionals. Also, our team of experts is highly approachable and would be ready to assist you at every stage of your implementation project.

Tailor-made Services

At Infusai, we do not believe in the conventional “one size fits all” approach. Before implementing the CRM platform within your organization, we would assess your specific requirements and provide you with suitable suggestions to get the best results.

Regular Reporting

Throughout our Salesforce implementation services, we would provide you with detailed reports on a regular basis. This would allow you to stay in the loop and be well-versed with the implementation processes carried out by our team.

Streamlining Business Processes

Our Salesforce implementation services are dedicated to helping you streamline and automate your business processes. Gone are the days when organizations employed manual processes to undertake repetitive processes. By implementing Salesforce, we help you get on the digital bandwagon by making your work faster and more efficient.

Seamless Collaboration

Salesforce allows different departments and employees within your organization to work on a centralized platform. In the age of hybrid workplaces, our Salesforce implementation services facilitate seamless collaboration between your teams, making sure that everyone is on the same page. This eliminates unwanted delays and data siloes that affect your business processes adversely.

​​Facilitating Smooth Migration

If you are willing to move from a legacy platform or a different CRM platform to Salesforce, our Salesforce implementation services are designed to make the shift smooth and sustainable. We make sure that the newly implemented CRM platform does not get too overwhelming for the new users through effective user adoption.

360-degree View Of Customers

As your Salesforce implementation partners, we provide you with a 360-degree view of your customers on a centralized platform. This allows you to keep a track of all your customers’ needs and preferences to provide them with personalized services. Irrespective of the industry you belong to, our Salesforce implementation services help you develop healthy and lasting relations with your customers.

Salesforce Products Implemented By Infusai

Sales Cloud Implementation

Over time, Sales Cloud has become synonymous with Salesforce CRM. With Sales Cloud implementation, we allow your sales reps to manage leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts in a faster and more efficient manner. Right from scoring sales leads to preparing customizable reports, we help you make the most of Sales Cloud to improve your sales processes.

Service Cloud Implementation

By implementing Salesforce Service Cloud, we help you provide personalized support to your customers across multiple platforms. Our Salesforce experts help you set up a centralized platform that facilitates automated knowledge management and allows you to route the right case to the right agent. Our Salesforce CRM implementation services help you build a platform that helps you be there for your customers and provide them with wholesome support.

Marketing Cloud Implementation

If you are willing to streamline your marketing processes, our Salesforce experts help you implement the Marketing Cloud based on your needs and preferences. According to the marketing channels you want to focus on, we would suggest the best Marketing Cloud offerings to you, some of which include Journey Builder, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Mobile Studio, Email Studio, and more. With Marketing Cloud implementation, we help your team members reach out to your prospects and customers through the right channels.

Commerce Cloud Implementation

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation, we help you create a centralized experience for your customers as they engage with your business across multiple platforms. Whether you follow the B2B or B2C approach of engagement, Commerce Cloud allows you to manage all your different online and on-premise storefronts on a single unified platform. Moreover, we help you enhance the experience of your customers with the help of predictive intelligence, smart order management, payment gateway integration, and an array of suitable add-ons.

Community Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to create branded communities that act as meeting grounds for individuals having shared interests. With Community Cloud implementation, we help you improve the engagements between different entities, including your customers, employees, and partners. These communities allow the members to discuss ideas, provide suggestions, and resolve issues effectively.

Our Salesforce Implementation Process

Need Analysis And Initial Consulting

Our Salesforce CRM implementation services start with analyzing your business needs and understanding the objectives you are willing to obtain. Here, we gather requirements related to the processes you want to automate, the users you want to operate on the CRM platform, the results you are aiming at, and more.

Based on your requirements, our professionals would provide you with personalized suggestions, tips, and advice to help you implement an ideal CRM platform within your organization. Whether you are willing to shorten your sales cycle, automate customer support, handle your financial accounts better, or chart our targeted marketing campaigns, this is when we would discuss your business requirements in detail.

Salesforce Configuration and Customization

Once we are clear with your business objectives, we would start with your implementation project. There are two major ways in which we offer our Salesforce implementation services – Salesforce configuration and Salesforce customization.

Salesforce configuration is the process of modifying the default capabilities of the CRM platform with the help of point-and-click tools. On the other hand, Salesforce customization is a more technical and detailed process of tailoring the functionality of the CRM platform based on your specific requirements with the help of the Apex code. Based on the kind of CRM platform you want to build and the tools you want to add, we would help you configure and customize Salesforce.

Integrating Salesforce

If you are willing to leverage the functionality of your CRM platform, we would help you integrate Salesforce with suitable third-party applications as per your needs. Salesforce integration prevents users from switching between multiple platforms for undertaking specific business processes by providing them with a centralized interface. Rest assured that we would facilitate automated and seamless data synchronization between the concerned platforms for best results.

Transfer Of Data From Old CRM (If Required)

If you are shifting from an older CRM platform to Salesforce, we would now help you transfer all your records smoothly, without hampering your data or business logic. Rest assured that your data would be passed on to Salesforce without encountering issues like system downtime, data loss, data corruption, etc. Moreover, we develop specific rules for data structuring once your valuable records have been moved to Salesforce CRM.

User Adoption

Once your CRM platform is ready, our Salesforce experts would help users get trained to use Salesforce to obtain the best results. We ensure that the user adoption is slow, effective, and smooth to have all your team members get used to the CRM platform.

After-launch Salesforce Support

Our Salesforce implementation services do not end at user adoption. Once the cloud-based platform is launched, we help you maintain the same and keep regular checks to ensure its smooth functioning. Right from fixing technical issues to providing administrative guidance, we have got it all covered for you!

Choose Infusai As Your SFDC Implementation Partner

If you are willing to thrive in the age of digitization and streamline a range of business processes, reach out to us for getting your Salesforce org implemented. With a team of 100+ dedicated professionals ready to guide you every step of the way, we make sure that your Salesforce implementation experience is wholesome.