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How you manage your business better with Power Apps

Power App is popular for offering low-code app development solutions but it has more to offer. It is bringing smart solutions to businesses to increase their business productivity.

Power App - A powerful tool to help you manage your time better

Power App is popular for offering low-code app development solutions but it has more to offer. It is bringing smart solutions to businesses to increase their business productivity. From enabling organizations to gain the ability to easily coordinate different business processes, eliminating challenges to saving time, it is proving its capabilities in every aspect.

In this blog, we will be discussing the same. How Power App helps you to harness its potential and manage time, and productivity and handle organizational challenges.

But before we begin to list down how it can help you bring some exceptional changes in your company, let's see what solutions it offers in the first place.

  • Firstly, it allows you to build custom apps without the need of heavy coding
  • Helps you leverage the existing resources and infrastructure, scale faster and save time.
  • Increase productivity and reduce challenges
  • Easy integration to 350+ data sources and services
  • Offering enterprise-grade security, protection and admin controls.

What you can do with Power Apps

Power Apps has a wide range of templates that are theme-based, has role-based features, are ready-to-use and cater to different industries, departments and jobs. You can use these to:

  • Create, store and manage contacts and other information from a central system that is easy to use, personalized, have multiple contact methods, etc.
  • Classify emails and sync them with Planner
  • View meeting details, take notes, save whiteboard images, assign tasks and send to attendees, send invites for meetings and create reminder notifications, etc in a single click.
  • Create an easily accessible customer list, check their status, activity status, active orders, sales orders, etc.
  • Check open positions in the organization in all departments, view candidates, refer candidates, add interview comments, add recommendations, etc.
  • Track projects and budgets create custom categories, easy data entry, easy reports creation, etc.
  • Track the work status of the entire team, track service requests, and keep track of tasks, assignments, etc.
  • Help sync HR and managers for vacation requests, approvals, etc.

How you can use Power Apps to produce maximum results with minimum efforts

Exceptionally useful templates

Usually, a template is designed to give you a headstart but the Power App templates are fully developed applications that offer solutions to a lot of business problems like budget tracking, help desk, service desk, onboarding, etc. All you have to do is add these to your environment and use it. You can edit these based on your needs, you can copy app parts and use them in your app, can study the app structure, functions, logic and controls, etc.

This actually makes development super efficient and quick which allows you to do things faster, and get things up and running quickly.

Encompass a wide variety of tools

Power Apps equips your organization and employees with tools that help in delivering high-quality service quickly and efficiently. Power Apps enables you to identify your needs and customize apps or develop apps to fulfill those needs that save both time and effort.

Powerful integrations

Power Apps is not only powerful because of easy app development but also because of its integrations with other platforms as well. This allows your app to use 350+ different services or features/power that you need to accelerate your productivity.

Data storage

You need space to store your data. With Power App, you can use OneDrive, Sharepoint, and common databases like Dataverse and SQL. While the first two are common but the latter two are safe and trustworthy relational databases.

Reusable content

What's the need of reinventing the wheel when you already have easy access to it. Power App saves you from committing this mistake. It has 10 reusable components, tools like review tools, merger tools, layout converters, etc. and of course templates to get you started.

Powerful community

A lot of time, we get stuck on tasks and even after spending hours we are nowhere near the solutions. The Power App community is where you should be looking for answers in such cases because someone must have already dealt with the problem or can help you find a solution.

Microsoft Power App allows you a flexible environment to create apps that help in boosting productivity and manage your time to meet your business goals efficiently. Whether you are looking for time management, project management or an analytics app, you can get it done faster than you can think.

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