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Market Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a revolution of the modern AI being integrated into business software that empowers the user with all the information and data that is relevant.

The integration of Dynamics 365’s artificial intelligence empowers you consistently with the latest market insights, trends, news and events of the domain that your business covers.

Each insight is vetted in a transparent and unbiased way as the information comes from Microsoft and other credible sources.

The one who knows is the one who owns!

Dynamics 365 offers you a rare opportunity of having all the data and news about your business vernacular right on your desk neatly organized and marked based on importance.

Here’s how AI will drive the business insights

Dynamics 365 provides you latest relevant insights and news.

The 'insights' tab of the software will have the latest news and trends categorized and highlighted in the visible boxes. All the important events, news, and trends are written with the key information, in brief, so you can have a mere glance on the screen and know what exactly what’s important for you. The scrollable feed will face you with only the relevant information, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence based on your search keyword.

Tracking relevancy in the market and putting it directly into your email.

All the news will be summarized in a timely and concise manner briefed on the mails. The information will cover the whole spectrum of the latest products, new competitors and the potential consumers that are hot in the market. You can also help by adding the topics you find more relevant in the tracks and so the AI will provide you relevant information on that front.

Choose the universe of your business.

The search words that you add in the track reflect the latest curated articles on the topics and all the noise will be reduced from the searches. Your business universe will comprise of products and services that you constantly check out. AI-powered machine learning will share only those insights that help you consume the market as quickly as possible.

Dynamics 365 will make you rely on the data which is trustworthy and full of the latest information!

All the news that shows up on your screen comes from entirely reliable sources including Microsoft. Our AI does not discriminate in the information on any basis and updates you on the latest with complete transparency. The selection of the relevant information is done based on its importance in the manifestation of your business.

Here are some key features of the AI that power the market insights of Dynamic 365:

Insights on the search history

The AI will empower you with the social data and web searches of your customers for the last 30 days. Data is the biggest commodity of the 21st century and determines how you pitch your business

Insights on the demographic

The age and gender with their geographical whereabouts are what you get of your customers and potential customers determined by their Bing searches.

Insights from Bing search

AI will provide you the stats of what the customers are saying and the search queries on the Bing searches about the product and the vernacular of your market.

Unlock better insights around your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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