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Staff Augmentation

Information technology and software development are expanding in this technological era. Many companies hire an offshore development team to help with activities in order to streamline procedures and save money.

However, despite having a brilliant idea, turning your thoughts into reality is a more complicated procedure. You’ll need to have an offshore team for that, which is a difficult task. Interestingly, once you’ve decided to build an offshore development team, it’s critical to immediately establish a well-organized structure to reduce disruption in the development process.

This article is for you if you’re looking for things to consider before building an offshore team and how to maintain it successfully.

How is the global staff augmentation industry growing?

Offshore development teams have evolved into full-fledged in-house teams, participating in the most complicated activities and projects of their clients’ businesses, thanks to today’s technologies and methodologies. Following are among the most impressive offshore market statistics:

  • Among SMEs, IT services are the most frequently offshore.
  • The worldwide IT offshore market is expected to expand by $98 billion by 2024.
  • Every year, around 300,000 jobs are outsourced from the United States.
  • To maximize productivity, more than 37% of small enterprises outsourced.
  • 71% of financial institutions outsource some of their activities.

How is staff augmentation beneficial?

You must be aware that your offshore team is not a one-day or two-day operation. So, they are a valuable addition to your existing staff and are committed to staying with you for the long term. As a result, providing them with responsibilities isn’t the end of your job. You must present them with a larger image. It’s critical to communicate with your offshore workforce. Discuss your company’s goal and mission with them. Let them be aware of where you anticipate your company going in the next few years. Think about how you’re accomplishing goals with them.

Consider the financial implications

The price might be a decisive factor in determining whether to outsource or not for new enterprises or projects with restricted funds. Even small in-house teams could cost a company hundreds of dollars to keep running. On the other hand, organizations can minimize expenses by building the offshore team, freeing up resources directly spent on the products. In comparison to onshore development, offshore outsourcing is a considerably more practical option.

Create a structure to manage the offshore resources

Offshoring is a deliberate need in light of the current demand for resources and short processing cycles. Offshoring has shown to be both difficult and profitable. So, there are several critical aspects to adequately and effectively managing offshore resources, but the fundamentals are Communications, Commitment, Team Coordination, Onshore-Offshore Team Balance, Objectives, Constraints, and Metrics.

Emphasizing skill, dedication and reliability while hiring

Hiring an offshore workforce for your company is an excellent approach to improving productivity and generating profit. But there are various essential things you keep in mind while building your offshore team. Don’t panic, InfusAi is here to help. Our expert will assist you in finding the best team while hiring. But first, see the crucial points:

Skill Development

Instead of recruiting a massive staff of developers, hire a few of them and give them uniform training to ensure collective ideas. Because individual progress of a group member ultimately leads to the team’s success and, as a result, the organization grows. Once you begin concentrating on the skill development of your staff, their success will have a direct influence on the growth of your firm.

Clear Communication

Communication is an essential component of solid growth management. We have discovered that straightforward and regular communication between the company and development teams generally delivers the most significant outcomes given our extensive expertise in the tech sector. So, you must set up a meeting with the developers or site supervisors, so the offshore team understands the project’s perspective. You must ensure that your offshore staff properly listens to everything you’ve to say. Similarly, you must pay attention to what they have to say. You must have a proper discussion with clarity to avoid misunderstandings.

Let go of preconceived notions

Once you have the proper tools and methodology in place, you have a strong feeling in your remote team. Next, put in the effort to observe how it goes. It’s okay to be flexible and inventive, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your ability to be creative. Decide for yourself.


In short, we’ve put together the above guide that describes the things to Consider before Building Your Offshore Team. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with InfusAi if you are searching to employ offshore software engineers. Hire an offshore team from us for quality software development. We hope you found this information helpful. Our team is here to assist with any project you may have.

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