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What are the uses of Dynamics 365 in business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Dynamics 365 has benefited businesses, improving their sales and customer service processes and increasing employee productivity. It helps businesses accelerate and expedite communication and improve customer relationships through a comprehensive suite of productivity tools. It alleviates the need to jump between programs by combining all essential sales, marketing, and customer service applications in one platform. This gives your team the practical tools to improve customer relationships, close more deals effectively, and be more productive.

10 Reasons to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Your CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based solution that caters to CRM, and ERP needs in one place that works seamlessly across several business units, such as sales, operations, marketing, project service automation, and more.

Here are some of the benefits of using Dynamic 365:

  1. Apps in One Place

    Dynamics 365 is user-friendly, where you can add individual apps that work independently or together. This helps you create a solution that suits your business needs. You can always add the applications that help you grow with the change in your requirements.

  2. Better Customers Understanding

    Dynamics 365 merges customer data to give a complete view of customers' buying history. It allows for personalizing the customer experience, measuring and tracking customer relationships' health, and using pre-built KPIs to understand the customer journey with real-time updates.

  3. Flexibility

    Dynamics 365 can also help reduce costs significantly, as you can eliminate the need to manage your own data center and servers. It has the potential to be much more affordable as you have the option to buy what you need instead of spending for a complete package.

  4. Better Usability

    Using Dynamics 365, you can search and find the apps you and your business need. This makes solutions easy to understand and use. You can search for an app to help you when your needs change.

  5. Effective Productivity

    Since employees have access to tools and insights required to make the most suitable decisions, Dynamics 365 helps increase employee productivity.

  6. Seamless Integration

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 efficiently integrates with other platforms, including Excel, Word, Outlook, Skype for Business, Power BI, SharePoint, and Power Apps, enhancing business processes and productivity. These seamless integrations with the Office 365 Suite provide unmatched benefits. For example, you can swap to Outlook for email marketing, Power BI for customer analytics, and SharePoint for teamwork and collaboration.

  7. Automated Process

    With built-in intelligence and cutting-edge analytics, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps perform repetitive manual tasks. You can use triggers for scheduled tasks like email alerts, set rules for everyday use workflows, or set criteria for qualifying leads. For sales that are always handled by specific teams, you can set routes so that they are automatically directed to them when active.

  8. Manage Relationships

    The main advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is bringing all your business relationships into one platform. It can scrape data from surveys, databases, email marketing, and websites, collecting vast amounts of customer data.

    Data tracking includes survey responses, the number of clicks, visits, likes, and communities they are a part of.

    Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 analyzes qualitative data such as customer evaluations, purchase patterns, and sentiments before sending the findings to the sales, marketing, and customer service teams. It provides a unified view of your consumers across your linked applications, making it simple to scale to accommodate your growth.

  9. Improved Sales Productivity

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates Microsoft's productivity tools like Office 365, Skype for Business, and OneNote, which allows easy collaboration on one platform in the context of sales and marketing performances within the organization.

  10. Marketing Campaigns

    Marketing tool is one of the best features of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Using this tool, you can plan and budget for all your campaigns. Any promotional content you want to publicize can be published with the tool. It also allows you to keep track of attendance in your online campaigns.

    Analytics and ROI evaluation are other tools beneficial for your marketing campaign. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you a lot of options to use in marketing.

What are the Uses for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used to:

  1. Connect your business as a cohesive team by connecting people, strategies, and data across multiple applications, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, Office 365 and Azure.
  2. Make smarter decisions with built-in AI, analytics, and recommended action suggestions.
  3. Adapt the application to your needs.
  4. Customize Microsoft Power Platform and also integrate most applications with existing systems.
  5. Modernize your business approach by integrating AI, mixed reality, social, and mobile capabilities for developed business innovation.

Grow Your Business With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ideal solution for your team to manage CRM needs. It's a complete package that perfectly fits the requirements and makes working easier with clients.

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