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Championing customer delight

The Client is a leading Insurance firm that completes the success of business centres around anticipating and meeting customer needs.

As a leading, largest and one of the oldest providers of life insurance policies and products with a need-based approach for helping people in achieving their financial goals with a wide range of insurance policies and covers built for the sole purpose of bettering people's lives. With a presence in over 170+ cities, 3000+ employees across the globe catering to over 4lakh + clients globally. The client is constantly innovating to win the trust of clients and improve the quality of life for consumers.

The clients have always been quick to spot on trends, with increased buying from e-commerce and consumption of online media, they know that online is the future for everything, including insurance. To walk the talk the clients were looking to enhance and improve the engagement throughout their entire operational process - Right from new business to Customer Service.

Not surprisingly, this strong understanding of how technology can bring you closer to your customer brought the client to us.

A mission for customer 360

After a brief period of chats and understanding, we set on to support the clients on their quest to champion the customer journey throughout.

However, the vision of customer-centricity was hampered by the limitations of a standalone CRM system that did not integrate with other custom-developed back-office systems for branch operations. The data on customer communication for new business and customer service process updates were captured across different systems. With a multi-system architecture, a myriad complex integration and a lack of a single view of Policies and customers lowered team productivity. After our detailed research we also figured that:

  • The entire SUC calculation was out of the tool which is the heart of any Underwriting process
  • The entire Medical Process with TPA was handled manually using Excel & Emails.
  • Being on-premise architecture the performance of their applications was degrading day by day and wasting end-users productivity.

Building client focus with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement provides customer success and operations teams with end-to-end visibility on the customer journey. We ditched the multi-system architecture and built the entire process over a single platform right from Policy Applications to Policy Issuance followed by Customer Service that was now all happening under one roof.

All the first in class roll-out features for new business processes with the sole purpose to make it easier for clients and employees to navigate seamlessly with features like Branch Operations, Receipting, Quality Check, STP Rule Engine, MMT, Underwriting, Web Operations, ECS Mandate, Dispatch along with customer service processes were all under a single platform.

The STP rule engine meets their instant policy issuance road map and mitigates the risks. The Customer Dedupe process was also designed and implemented for accurate SUC calculations to avoid compliance risks. The End to -end Underwriting module covers all aspects of the UW life cycle like referrals to respective teams, requirement management, Re-insurer communication, Counteroffers & Decisions. Moreover, Users can get a uniform view of Policy 360 & Customer 360 at any given moment from anywhere.

Strengthening the service spirit

Today, A scalable cloud offering that addresses performance issues improves productivity and enhances the overall timeline of policy issuance. The complete digital policy application was designed to avoid any manual data entry errors. Real-time STP output based on configurable rule engines and Seamless integrations with TPA's for Medical scheduling. The robust integrations with core insurance systems ensure real-time policy issuances. Integration with Data warehouse for MIS and Unified system architecture for faster deliveries, robust analytics and enhanced productivity. The Improved customer success process enhanced the team productivity by 42% and the overall process from Application to policy issuance was improved by a whopping 67%.

Interested in leveraging tech-based customer engagement solutions for your Business?

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