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Deepening customer relationships, enhancing overall productivity & performance with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The client is one of the most trusted standalone health insurance companies in the country, catering to the diverse medical requirements of 3 million consumers, supporting them to lead happier, healthy lives. The client offers a wide range of health insurance policies, such as individual health insurance, family floater insurance policy, and top-up insurance cover, catering to the consumers' diverse medical requirements.

Historically, the client managed their day-to-day activities with Dynamics CRM on-premise-2013, customized, and integrated with around 15+ applications. Catering to the 3 million+ B2C consumers' requirements in more than 28 states across the country originated a series of challenges for the team's productivity and performance.

The exponential growth of customers came with its own set of setbacks concerning their vision - "the customer service and how do we make it better were the first questions thrown at us," says Shailesh Jaria, Project Lead at Infusai.

Infusai helped the client enhance, improve, and optimize the existing on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. We suggested an immediate series of pre-engagement changes that reduced their overall database load by 10% - 15%. After discussion and thorough analysis, we figured the clients were facing challenges such as,

  • Rapidly growing database size, placing a massive load on the system, degrading the systems' overall performance.
  • Unstructured code developed, leading to delayed new product development and roll-outs.
  • Recurring application bugs increased TAT in business development and customer service & reduced agent productivity.
  • Integration failures were resulting in erroneous calculations, data update, and wrong communication being sent to customers, leading to dissatisfaction and lower CSAT
  • Manual processes for critical tasks affecting overall TAT
  • Lack of synchronization between development and support teams impacting service SLA

A mission for efficiency and customer 360

After a thorough analysis of the team's requirements and insights, our primary objective was to enhance the current system, re-engineer, migrate to the cloud, and provide support.

We optimized the existing on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 implementation for managing telesales, renewals, claims, endorsements, and customer service processes.

Today, we provide our wisdom and support to over 850+ agents and telesales executives.

  • We created a comprehensive plan to optimize several aspects of the existing application, focusing on overall performance improvement. This included optimizations concerning code, workflows, database, and integration framework.
  • We have set up a dedicated team of technical resources for the ongoing support that includes RCA of repeated calls, collaborating with the infrastructure, and networking teams to swiftly resolve related issues. Liasoning with the support team of other applications for integration and data interchange related issues.
  • We created a roadmap to migrate the solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 online, including re-engineering the entire solution and a data archival system.
  • Rotation of resources between development and support teams provided the firsthand experience of end-users to developers. It helped them understand user pain areas, leading to faster problem identification and resolution.
  • Created automation for new product development, reducing overall TAT for the same

Supercharging optimization & expediting the service spirit

Within the first year of engagement, we were able to achieve the following-

  • Increased SLA in services by about 20% and are maintaining an average resolution SLA of >95% month on month
  • Focusing on business continuity and sustainability, we maintained an RTO of less than 24 hours and application uptime of more than 99.7% month on month.
  • Reduced development and application bugs by 80%, resulting in tremendous performance enhancement and reduction in overall TAT for new product development.
  • Overall improvement in TAT in telesales by about 25% and customer service by about 30%
  • Increased FCR by about 15% and thus improving overall CSAT
  • Month on Month achievement of Support TAT and SLA

Our Key learnings with this project were designing entities for maintaining integration transaction logs that are very important in Dynamics CRM. A wrong choice of entity type can lead to a severe overload on process time and database. We always preferred and recommended standard customization tools to develop custom solutions, especially for a fast-growing and evolving product like Dynamics CRM.

A Roadmap for customer superiority

As a next move, we look at re-engineering the applications, including migration to Dynamics 365 Cloud & Azure, with its data pool for powerful analytics. Also, on the cards is implementing industry-standard tools like TIBCO and Power Automate for integration, workflows, and other data interchange scenarios. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for predictive analysis and deeper insights for customer excellence for better customer experiences.

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