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Enhancing the sales team culture and the overall productivity.

The Client support banks & financial institutions across the globe, including India, Asia, and North America, and offers digital platforms and solutions for business process solutions in Banking, Cards, Mortgage Lending, Title Tax & Settlement, and Insurance.

However, the client stood facing a myriad of challenges both technically and from a business process perspective, majorly streamlining the sales processes, monthly to annual reporting, lead management, and improving the overall team productivity.

Most of the BFSI companies and financial companies have a considerable amount of challenges concerning creating opportunities, tracking revenue goals, and transparency among teams to function optimally. The client had themselves facing a likewise scenario.

In the BFSI sector, payments transactions and revenues are like oil, that keeps the lives of businesses and many, smooth and fluid. But there are so many different types of payments, commerce, and revenues happening in real-time. Tracking them and all is no child's play, technically bringing together variable parameters that are dynamic and automatically replacing the manual reporting entirely.

Now, there is only so much a CRM feature can do. But when Anvita, Project lead at Infusai, took over the situation. She knew that she had to bring out of the box solutions to solve this, bringing a custom technical solution around the problem.

Growing pains

Historically, the client used Oracle previously as their primary CRM solution with a clumsy and un-organized UI. Less flexibility of dynamic fields, customizations, dashboards, and dynamic reporting was not available in the current legacy systems.

Overall the CRM was relatively rigid. Data discrepancies, data management, communication, collaboration challenges, reporting, and a central trackable dashboard were the core problems.

  • They used a Sales pipeline report/deck prepared on Powerpoint, which the management team needed as one of the system's custom reports.
  • The tracking monthly revenue opportunities and existing (standard) CRM, and hence they had to calculate this for each opportunity and update the revenue manually.
  • Manual efforts for Data Collection and Data management. Discrepancies in communication and collaboration among the marketing, operations, and sales team.
  • Goal Management, Revenue forecasting, Calculating Commissions ABF, and most of the business processes were, analyzed, calculated, and tracked entirely manually.
  • Complete Sales Cycle were fumbling, leading to inconsistencies, and missing out on opportunities and processes. Precise sales stages were challenging to track.
  • The team found the application complicated to use the induced systems because of complicated UI (User Interface), data discrepancies, and data availability; even team goals and targets had to be managed manually, leading to a decline in the overall productivity.

Cloud Shift enhancing growth, productivity, and management.

To solve the challenges, help clients achieve their goals, and boost the overall productivity, Infusai worked closely with the Management teams to create a blueprint and moved the CRM from Oracle to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Within 90 days, we improved the overall team productivity by six-folds and automated almost 72% of manual tasks making the systems more compelling. The Unified Dashboard and central data repository streamlined collaboration among teams and departments with robust data accessibility and data management modules, increasing the overall team productivity and collaboration by 64%.

We proposed and implemented,

  • Advanced UX modules with a much easy, simple to use, and user-friendly User Interface.
  • Advanced find helped the US users to fetch reports dynamically and with ease.
  • Dashboard and Reports helped them view a report with default view and changed view. Furthermore, We pierced more advanced capabilities that allow the user to filter charts, manage opportunities, track revenues and goals as per their need dynamically.
  • Custom reports (HTML) Sales Pipeline reports were very close to the PPT report derived for monthly sales reports. This entire process was previously a complete handiwork, which took the team roughly a week to generate, which is now accessible in a matter of minutes.
  • Forecast management helped management to forecast revenue in an automated manner. Commission calculation was now entirely automated; all the details populate basis and the invoices generated automatically with almost no manual work. The actual commissions were now auto-populated basis the substantial revenue received.
  • Implemented all the standard dashboards and reports along with dashboards that showcased the Leads, Opportunities Average Closed time, and reports that showcased the opportunities that are open and closed right from less than six months to more than a year individual team member wise.
  • A robust and comprehensive dynamic sales cycle with complete visibility of the entire process right from the lead to the opportunity to conversion.
  • We implemented all out of the box features of Sales, i.e., Lead, Opportunity with Standard Opportunity Sales Process BPF.
  • Sales Pipeline report was completely customized (HTML based) to suit the requirement. Sales pipeline report showcased all open opportunities and closed (won) opportunities across six months salesperson wise.
  • Implemented forecast management and goal Management to showcase the performance of each team member.

Today, the management has complete visibility of the sales cycle, track team productivity, forecast revenues, and manage goals and benchmark performance for every team member efficiently, furthermore dig deeper into data to track growth for and at any given time. Analyzing these types of trends enables the management to guide better, and the teams to perform better, focus on what matters the most, put their energy where it’s needed, and serve customers with the right products at the right time.

"We are soon looking at advanced integrations with Oracle fusion and implementing superior modules and processes for the team. Enabling and enhancing the teams to gather better insights, drive conclusions optimally faster, lesser dependencies with Microsoft Dynamics 365", said Anvita Rao, Project Lead at Infusai.

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