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Gearing up for growth, kickstarting productivity

For the past nine years, has helped businesses soar to new heights with cloud solutions by integrating Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google for clientele across industries and geographies. Primarily the client offers Advisory Services, Managed Services, Migration and Deployment, Data Analytics & Insights, Digital Services, and DevOps Asia pacifically.

Their novel Products and Framework, like Cloudlytics, Cassure, Data Lake in a Box, Dev Ops Transformation, Cloudstream, and Secure, are widely known worldwide.

The client is on a mission to become a global leader in Cloud Consultancy through their valuable and reliable customer experience.

But to sustain such ambitious growth, the company’s underlying support systems needed to be robust, scalable, and efficient for the team until six months ago, which was challenging to achieve.

The rise of challenges for efficiency

Historically, the client relied on Dynamics 365 implemented around their sales cycles and modules, which bought in a series of challenges for the management, and the team. Data is like oil for companies. The smoother the data flow, the faster and efficient it runs. The client had a significant concern; data wasn’t being captured effectively across the sales funnel. We also figured that the clumsy UI and a myriad of lead forms with jumbled parameters also lead to data discrepancies in the current sales cycle.

Teams wasted valuable time collating siloed information from across the CRM, and reporting was becoming increasingly cumbersome. The company knew that it was time for a change. However, that wasn't the only challenge here. We knew we had to dig deeper.

All in all, We figured we had to eliminate contingencies concerning Data discrepancies and management, project management & automation, communication, collaboration among departments, reporting, and a unified view for managing the overall sales cycle smoothly.

  • The UI was obsolete and clumsy, which overall needed a significant rework on all forms.
  • Primarily the leads primarily created by the Marketing and then passed on to the Inside Sales Team, and the Inside sales team then passed it on the sales time. At times, both teams created leads and passed on to the sales team, which created confusion among the teams and loss of authentic data pointers to improve the overall sales process. The team qualify leads faster at the same time to determine which opportunities need immediate attention. Data discrepancies and perplexion lead to a sharp decline in productivity.
  • The team also needed a conditional show/hide and mandatory fields based on the user logged in the system-as when the Marketing Team would not have similar field pointers compared to the Inside Sales/Sales team.
  • The management needed a unified, seamless, and trackable project service automation module in their existing process but at the opportunity stage. While this process was entirely manual on excel until six months ago, approvals took a significant amount of time and manual effort, challenging to track and manage the Pre Sales team and the management process.
  • Capturing the End-point calculations, i.e., based on the Environment. The opportunity created, i.e., whether this is for Production or Non-Production, forward with the Cloud Service Provider Details.
  • Move the Payment Milestone system from offline and manual to the current system. As the clients have, IT projects as an opportunity, and each record is required to have Payment Milestone Details. While moving is relatively straightforward, the core challenges were adaptability and the selective visibility for the management without sharing the restricted data.
  • Dynamic documents upload at certain stages for lead qualification and opportunity management across teams and management for maximum efficiency.

Kickstarting efficiency

Within the first four months, processes were utterly streamlined. Sales teams who were initially resistant to adopting new technology have come around quickly upon realizing its benefits and improved overall team productivity by 60%. The data the team needed was now available at a single click.

To solve the challenges, Infusai worked closely with the Management teams and implemented,

  • A revamped User Interface that’s seamless, dynamic, and user-friendly. Introduced New features like Quick view to quickly update, manage, and eliminate data discrepancies across teams.
  • Work Segregation was wholly automated and straightforward for the teams. Reduced the data discrepancies by 92% and streamlined the lead transition process entirely from marketing to inside sales team. Introduced Flags for each qualification stage that helped identify what stage each lead is and which team worked over it, which improved the overall lead management processes and overall productivity, giving the management to track and analyze the team productivity.
  • Implemented the Project Service Automation in the current system with subgrids in the opportunity stages, mandated and streamlined. Once manually done on spreadsheets, now entirely online, right from filling data to sending it for approval, reducing the manual efforts and saving time.
  • Introduced dynamic End-point calculations module that automatically captures accurate data and updates based on the given parameters at a given specific stage of any given opportunity cycle, improving the proposal’s finalization swift and efficient.
  • Document Upload functionality was seamless and required less effort to capture the type of document uploaded. Without uploading, the document user could not move ahead, which made this an SOP by itself.
  • Approvals at critical stages in an Opportunity ensure that the details entered are authentic, and the senior management/Country Heads and Operations team are also involved in the Opportunity cycle.
  • The Inclusion of Resource Loading Grid within the opportunity ensured key details captured at the initial stages of finalizing the proposal. The quote sent considers all the facts of resources and end locations updated by the Pre Sales Team.

Today, with a robust system, driving growth is significantly easy for the client and team at every touchpoint across the sales funnel. This data allows sales teams to determine how and where to invest, more importantly, how to convert more leads faster.

Everything happens and is stored and reported on a single platform, giving the company a rich source of insights to evaluate the overall performance and team productivity. Meanwhile, leadership teams can continue to monitor critical metrics seamlessly; instead of collating data, they can provide constructive insights.

Having set their sights on becoming a global leader in Cloud Consultancy, they are doing everything they can to optimize growth. Many of its approaches are in their innovation.

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