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How InfusAi with Microsoft Power App resolved the problems and challenges of one of the Tile and Ceramic Manufacturing Industry clients.

One of our clients in the Tile and Ceramic Manufacturing Industry sells Ceramic Tiles to customers through the Dealer Distributor Channel. The method of their work was very manual.

There were multiple channels for storing and managing data which made it difficult to keep things up to date. The company faced many challenges from setting & achieving the targets to managing the flow of information and visibility, transparency in terms of orders placed and priced, setting and achieving targets, and getting access to the correct information. Let's look at the challenges the business faced and how InfusAi overcame them with the aid of the Microsoft Power Apps


  • Every salesperson in the organization had to take the order directly from the dealer, which needed more clarity on the right price and available stock.
  • Every conversation between the dealer and the salesperson was going via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Excel (multiple channels of communication)
  • There was no order-tracking platform
  • There was a huge dependency on the backend team regarding getting approval for the orders, checking the stock, etc.


InfusAi created two applications for the company with Microsoft Power Apps. One application was salesperson centric, and the other was for the dealer network.

InfusAi enabled dealers with the mobile app to log in and see the entire inventory available with the company for the different SKU (Stock Keeping Units) categories, including available products, MRP, and the dealer price.

Every dealer is assigned a representative from the company who manages them as an account. Each company salesperson has 10-15 dealers to manage the requirements and track the targets.

The dealer can now place an order request to the respective sales representative using the mobile app. With the help of a mobile application, the salesperson makes sure deliveries are on time. The mobile app enables the salesperson to manage their regular visits and helps dealers to improve their sales and grow the area and the market.


Here are some of the problems which were also resolved by the InfusAi Team. Let's have a look at the problem statements and their integrated solutions.

Problem Statement 1:

The field force has a mobile app to view the orders' pending requests. The salesperson has the option to evaluate, verify, and inquire about the requests with the dealer. The order is automatically entered into the ERP following approval. All parties involved would receive the notification. The order had to be then accepted by the backend team to be confirmed in the ERP, which was still another time-consuming step.


What steps do we take next, then? The manual intervention has been stopped. Now, anytime a dealer puts an order, the salesperson reviews and approves it before moving on to the sales coordinator or backend team, who then clicks the button after reviewing any basic or missing information. After that, the order goes into the database.

Problem Statement 2:

Tracking of the status of the orders

Problem Statement 3:

The difficulty of having soft copies of the invoices and delivery orders was one that the customer always faced.


The feature to get the soft copies was also enabled on the mobile application. The customers can now see the invoice transaction and the delivery orders and can request statements. They can get that through email. They can also request account statements like a ledger statement and check the current outstanding and overdue in the dashboard.

The outcome of the Customer

The process of creating applications altered drastically. Businesses can no longer use Excel, email, or WhatsApp to receive and distribute orders or conduct transactions. To prepare materials like meeting discussion points, they may also know where and when the salesperson will visit.

Orders can be placed by the salesperson, who will then send them to the dealer for approval and vice versa, making the information flow straightforward and obvious. From placing the order to checking the price and selection of products to having it delivered, there is a precise procedure. The application generates the transaction invoices, distributes them via email, and allows downloads. The mobile application can also display the full inventory, a list of available products, or pricing.

The business operates on a targeted basis and can finally provide the dealer with the target. Dealers can also view the monthly goals, log their daily progress, and plan their approach to accomplishing those goals. The smartphone application also shows the accomplishment and the revenue made. The system also calculates the MTD and the number of sales needed to hit daily or monthly goals.

In addition, the business can aim to onboard new dealers and have a complete lead to a prospect based on the data saved in the app database. They might visit new locations and locate fresh dealers. The team is no longer dependent on having access to the necessary data. Everything is readily available on a mobile device or tablet, and the user interface is so approachable that anyone can use it.

So, this is how InfusAi solved the problem and challenges with the help of Microsoft Power Apps.

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