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Mapping New Directions to great talents.

A British maritime company based in Glasgow, UK with various businesses in the fields of Shipping, Logistics, Seafoods and Industrial Services well known for their commitment to meet their customer's requirements and exceeding their expectations.

It’s no small feat when there are over 50 offices and 1,000+ employees, but we at infusAi made it possible to Hire faster, hire better and help move towards the goal with great people in the journey.

We at InfusAi, collaborated, to help make this possible and optimize the recruitment authorization process with Microsoft Powerapps.

Turning back the clock

Before InfusAi, The entire process was managed from nintex that included initiating a Recruitment authorisation form manually in a word doc and getting necessary approvals from the relevant stakeholders in the hierarchy. This bought hiccups in the onboarding and approvals of new employees faster.

Post Approval the RAF is then passed on to HR to the vacancy code and eventually complete the HR1 form for the selected candidate against the same RAF. This was neither a pleasant experience for the Executives nor an efficient use of the company’s time.

All the Approvals were managed manually via email which created a lot of bottlenecks within the process. No Approval Delegation mechanism existed when key stakeholders/approvers were out of office leading to bottlenecks across the hiring lifecycles.

Tracking any corrections/modifications/reiteration to the original form was almost perverse i.e. how many times did the initiator make any changes to the original request before reaching the HR team making it even more difficult to lead from initiation to closures.

To make this easier for the HR's and the execs, needed a single source intuitive custom application, that's faster to navigate and streamlines the RAF and HR1 process along with necessary authorization/approval for faster hiring on the go.

Crafting seamless recruitment authorization journeys

Today, the HRs and Execs easily manage their entire process with a smoothly orchestrated Recruitment authorization process across all offices and digital touchpoints.

To make this happen, The first and foremost thing that needed to be done was move the entire process from nintex to PowerApps to support holistic recruitment across teams and execs all over the UK.

We created the entire interface in PowerApps (Canvas App) to help them create, initiate the required forms and send them to relevant stakeholders to manage approvals on the go. The Interface was customised as per customers requirements as the Canvas app is pretty flexible in terms of crafting seamless User experiences and Interfaces.

All the approval requests were managed entirely on email as well Team notification that left very little to no room for any bottlenecks. Custom Features were also implemented where if a user missed the notification on the email they will also be notified on teams, for faster approvals and lesser missing out on approvals.

Implemented functionalities like Start Delegation for the Approval Mechanisms enables users to activate this functionality before going on vacations/sabbaticals. Post Activation, all the requests would re-route to the delegated approver/user making it easier and much more efficient, leaving minimum to no room for bottlenecks in the entire process leading to a 22% increase in productivity and efficiency of the entire process.

The RFI (Request for Further information) functionality was also added to track any reiterations done in the entire process of the RAF/HR1 approval process. So once an RAF/HR1 request is submitted and at any given stage, An approver can reject, or request more information making the approval process seamless for both the HRs and the Execs without any hitch in the process. All such iterations are recorded along with dates, owner names and comments for complete transparency amongst relevant members.

Data i.e. Transactional as well as Masters have been maintained in Sharepoint for easier accessibility. Master table lists like Approval Matrix, Master Tables etc have been created that provides the helpdesk team to manage and update dynamic values on the go, without any hassle.

Empowering People to Save Time, Work Better and Hire Smarter.

The Seamless and Intuitive app was easily adopted among relevant members across all the 50 offices in the UK. Initiating and getting the approvals on each RAF and HR1 became much easier as all the actions were tracked in the system. Each such RAF/HR1 record would have Job descriptions attached that helped them to track, review such vacancies at later stages. RFI Functionality helped the teams understand the no of re-iterations done on each record, track such requests actively and optimize the entire process swiftly, leading to efficient recruitment across departments, enhanced productivity, moreover faster and smarter hiring without any hitch or bottlenecks

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