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Streamlined sales processes and growth

The client is a leading manufacturer and retailer of building materials in India. Since 1999, the company has been building a safer, smarter, and Sustainable World and established a presence across all major cities and towns in India across two business divisions.

However, the client stood facing a primary problem integrating technology into the sales cycles and day-to-day business operations. Historically, they had two systems for their operations, which led to data discrepancies, unplugged integrations, and confusion throughout sales processes, cycles, and business operations.

One of their major primary concerns was streamlined data management systems, data discrepancies, data availability in offline scenarios, and complicated UI. It led to sales reps abandoning the current applications in place, which led to a sharp decline in the overall sales productivity.

We at Infusai, with our expertise, analyzed the whole scenario and found out the core problems. We figured the challenges being,

  • Sales reps found the application complicated to use the induced systems because of complicated UI (User Interface), data discrepancies, and data availability; even team goals and targets had to be managed manually. The mobile application was not user-friendly and did not have an ‘offline’ feature that would allow reps to access anywhere.
  • Customer's locations were difficult to track. The sales rep had to manually retype even necessary details as addresses on the google map to get precise location entries.
  • Complete Sales Cycle were missing, leading to data discrepancies, missing out on opportunities and processes. Precise sales stages were challenging to track.
  • No offline System: Existing CRM did not have the offline feature; reps had to manually enter the data post site visits, lacking flexibility and dynamicity.
  • Sales Reps wanted more reliable data management with all information that can be logged easily from anywhere via any device directly to the CRM.
  • Application adapatance among the teams was almost next to nothing, leading to scattered data, manual entries, and a sharp decline in overall team productivity.

A new Blueprint for sales.

To solve the challenges, help clients achieve their goals and boost rep productivity, Infusai worked closely with the Management teams to create a blueprint and moved the Dynamics 365 CRM from on-premise to cloud.

Within 25 days, we improved the overall customer experience by ten folds and automated almost 72% of manual tasks making the systems more compelling for the sales reps.

We proposed and implemented,

  • A robust and comprehensive dynamic sales cycle with complete visibility of the entire process right from the lead to the opportunity to conversion.
  • Precise location data capture, including latitude and longitude, are captured automatically with Azure Map Integrations.
  • Increase in customer adapting from 20% Reps to a whopping 96% to the new application with a much simpler, seamless user experience along with dynamic data management with offline functionality
  • A unified and cross integrations among SAP & CRM, giving a holistic view, making everything much more comfortable to track, analyze, and report. A better idea of the past data to predict the future. All in all, everything is one system.
  • 72% of manual task automation, tight integrations among the entity increased the overall productivity by around 56%. E.g., quotation was standalone before
  • Synchronized development and application support processes for better customer experience
  • There is no room for data discrepancies on the cloud with seamless integrations, which sync offline data into an online system.

Increasing sales velocity and team productivity

We also created dynamic dashboards for every sales rep aligned to their pipeline. We still do this for new reps as it gives them the real-time information they need to be successful and better at what they do. We focused on equipping the sales team with a robust application at their fingertips and compelling features that make their life easier and help them perform better on a day-to-day basis. Post Implementation, we've

  • Implemented a complete automated sales cycle and sale stage visibility gives a clearer picture to the sales team and management.
  • Users can track losses and reasons against competitors and products. Azure map gives sales better visibility of customer’s locations.
  • The mobile online and offline solution has led to on the spot action increasing sales productivity.
  • Other than sales productivity, with mobile application management’s help, they will get an accurate report about their team.

Today, almost all of the clients’ sales reps use the cloud, and it is the only way they can obtain leads and manage opportunities. This gives management complete visibility of the sales cycle and measures things like the impact of partner collaborations and offerings’ positioning.

"Now that we have deployed these new systems and dashboards in place. It will help the sales team perform faster, even better by identifying where they should focus their energies to achieve their goals," said Krishna, Project Manager at Infusai.

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