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AI For Sales and Marketing.

How Legacy Organizations can transform their Business-Operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the key that holds the future of sales and marketing. The technology has moved onto employing artificial intelligence in analyzing the market trends, evaluation of potential clients and finding gaps in the market for opportunities & much more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales and marketing - Infusai Solutions

Smart Sales with AI

Dynamics 365 provides contextual AI-driven actionable insights about the current sales pitch of the market, to focus on the right customers, build trusted relationships and identify potential clients. AI provides a methodology to convert a potential client by establishing a uniform strategic sales process for your entire sales team.

Cohesive tools to boost sales Productivity

Dynamics 365 streamlines the sales processes with collaborative tools such as Microsoft teams — a modern hub for meetings, documents and business applications and familiar tools like outlook, excel, share point that work seamlessly with dynamics 365, thereby increasing the sales productivity by many folds.

Unified sales solution and data

Dynamics 365 integrates the customer data based on potential sales from LinkedIn sales navigator.

Survey insights from Microsoft Forms Pro to improve sales

Both Dynamic 365 sales and Microsoft Forms Pro will enable your sales with factual survey insights and the actionable for strategic sales.

Dynamics 365 for Sales — Overview

360-degree customer engagement

With personalized communication, crisp attribution, customer life-cycle management and consumer intelligence applications, organizations can go beyond the top of the funnel analytics.

Dynamics 365 is a single consistent thread between the company and the client. You can engage with the client in a personalized way and through all touch-points.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing - Overview

Dynamics 365 gathers right prospects and delivers multi-channel marketing campaigns including:

  • Email marketing
  • Web landing pages
  • Events
  • Tele-marketing
  • SMS integration

And it also facilitates LinkedIn integration amongst other custom channels.

Dynamics 365 creates several campaign assets with marketing automation features such as,

  • Configurable templates
  • Reusable content blocks
  • And several advanced design tools

Modulates operations by channeling information across departments

Dynamics 365 embarks upon the operational management and synchronizes the entire structure with one flow of information in the entire ecosystem. It integrates all the departments and executes a more efficient, productive and result-oriented way of functioning.

Dynamics 365 automates the sale and marketing and makes sure that the business is not challenged by outdated technology and incompetent modalities of business intelligence.

Shift from analog to cloud-based integration

With the integration of dynamics 365 you can track business operations, finance, legal, contracts on the go with varied levels of information for different users with Role Based Access Control (RBAC), which segregates the roles of different divisions and the information distributed amongst the various level of information for different users.

Aligns Sales & Marketing

Dynamics 365 aligns and closes the gap between sales and marketing with Shared data and Processes for seamless collaboration

Dynamics 365 is nothing short of a revolution in 21st century.

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