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Empowering Communities Affected By COVID-19

In the past three months, COVID — 19 has brought the world to its knees. As essential workers battle every day to keep the world running, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform teamed up and mobilized support to augment and accentuate digital solutions. For global customers, this means enhanced team collaboration, resource tracking, cloud solutions, rapid response, innovation and more capabilities that empower them to manage the crisis response effectively and efficiently.

Listed below are the key solutions Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform have developed in response to the COVID — 19 crisis.

First of its kind — Hospital Emergency Response Solution

Hospital Emergency Response Solution

Microsoft along with Swedish Health Services of the Greater Seattle area joined hands to create an app called the COVID-19 Emergency Response App (CERA). The digital app enables the non-profit to track and act on real-time staffing and supply data. The app was created using Microsoft Power Platform Solution and involves a host of features:

  • Real-time data and analytics using visual dashboard: For hospital staffers and employees to report, maintain and organise PPE data, COVID-19 patient volumes, ventilator supplies and more. This real-time tracking data allows the hospital staffers to understand the rate at which supplies are being used. Additionally, the digital dashboard allows healthcare workers to seamlessly create, build and make a smarter decision while highlighting the most immediate needs for beds, equipment, and staffing
  • Easy tracking on mobile phones: Microsoft came up with a sophisticated system to empower people with easy access to the platform from anywhere using their mobile devices. The Emergency Response App has the ability to provide visibility into key data points such as the number of emergency beds, ventilators, masks, staff requirement and make suggestions accordingly.

Crisis Communication App

In a world where uncertainty is looming large, Microsoft built the crisis communication app to help organizations around the world in coordination and sharing their own information among team members who need to respond seamlessly and smartly in times of crisis. This solution is built on the Microsoft Power Platform combined with the Power Apps, SharePoint, Power Automate, and Teams.

  • The power to rapidly respond among team members:
    In the application, users get their information all at a single place - starting from emergency contacts, company news, helpful insights, links or frequently asked questions.

    Additionally, users can report their work status for any number of days, if they are working from home they can mark it on their calendar on the app and are able to send alerts and requests.
  • The dashboard also has quick links to world news and reputed organisations such as World Health Organisation (WHO), CDC and your local government to get any updates regarding the situation. The power apps push notification to help reach any new update to users in case of a crisis and adds capabilities to respond quickly.

Address common questions faster and smarter with Crisis Response Bot

In the midst of a crisis, organizations face a lot of commonly asked questions on a day-on-day basis from their suppliers, customers, employees - To help ease out the process, the Microsoft Power Virtual Agents created a Crisis Response Bot that answers and provides information for those frequently asked questions in a chat-like interface and is fully customizable. These include -

  1. Emergency contact information and Advisories
  2. General public health information, safety and preventive measures Exposure assessment
  3. Frequently Asked Questions based on your specific needs and resources of your organization
  4. Getting the right information to every user by creating a conversation tree that has the topic “triggers phrases” for faster response. These include triggers like “I might be affected”, “information on business meetings” etc.

Users in the essential services sector are our front line heroes working day and night to flatten the curve and get the world back up on its feet. Microsoft with its Dynamic 365 Power Platform Solutions is empowering education, healthcare, medical services, non-profits, and other essential services to work faster, smarter, and stay safe.

How Microsoft is helping the world with its use of applications?

  • The worldwide pandemic is stressing administration focuses all over the place, with a huge uptick in call volumes, further confused by numerous operators working remotely. With omnichannel capacities for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, contact focus representatives can give predictable, customized support while working remotely.
  • The COVID-19 emergency has broadly affected the retail area with its impact across production, supply chains, distribution units, and retail stores. Using Dynamics 365 Commerce one can proactively work with retailers and purchasers who are the face of the organizations to enhance omnichannel trade abilities and empower consistent exchanges across on the web and portable stages.
  • Using Dynamic 365 Remote Assist helps professionals to work together with their colleagues and consultants from various areas, decreasing travel and helping them resolve certain trivial issues promptly.

Offer details:

We at Infusai is offering the following services:

  • A complimentary crisis communication app service to customers having office 365 license
  • Licenses for Emergency Response Solutions for Government, Healthcare, and NGO is complimentary for 6 months

Interested in leveraging Emergency Response Solutions such as Hospital Emergency Response Solutions, Crisis Communication App, and Crisis Response bot for your Business?

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