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Microsoft Teams can keep your business running

In the digital world and economy, people often use technical jargons like “collaboration”, “teams”, “remote working” and few more. As the past few months of 2020 have shown that traditional working rules can be moulded and re-constructed for the coming decade, online collaboration has taken new leaps and bounds.

One of the most fascinating collaboration tools, adopted by companies has been Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Microsoft has been constantly pushing its boundaries to involve all the features and recommendations that make online collaboration and remote working as smooth as sitting next to each other in the physical office.

So what exactly, is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool under Office 365. Powered by Microsoft Cloud and Currently free version is available for users.

It is a powerful tool that combines an online workspace that can track and manage workload with an easy-to-use and simple user-friendly UI. Microsoft Teams allows you to form a team, bring them under a single workspace, and communicate via chat, audio or through video conferencing.

It uses the attributes of a real-world workspace and allows for all these features through cloud-based apps that are extremely useful.

Additionally, the Key Microsoft Teams Features and Functionalities are:

Companies large or small when working remotely need to keep the business flowing; Microsoft Teams regularly updates its platform with new features and tools that lead to easier and time-saving collaborations.

  1. Online Group Chat: Microsoft Teams allows for seamless online communication solutions through chat along gif and email features. Here you can share and edit project files, articles, and other documents. Users can review, edit and can add comments on Powerpoint, word & excel and collaborate in real time as they are fully integrated into microsoft teams.
  2. Video conferencing: Be in touch with your team members while working remotely with video conferencing features.The blurred background feature is very useful for those sitting in an area with a lot of movement behind them. Microsoft Teams has made video calling and adding multiple guests much faster, smoother and lag-free. Working calls for meetings, online communication, and face-to-face interaction has never been easier.
  3. Reduce emails: The cloud-based application allows users to share relevant information from earlier conversations, files, blogs, calendar events, online training, and emails there by making communication much faster and reducing the need for mass emails.
  4. Secured internal and external collaboration: Office 365 & Microsoft Teams brings the ever-reliable and latest cybersecurity tools embedded in it. The security tools that come with the Office 365 subscription. It includes the following features which are as follows;
    • Leading security controls that help cover data-loss prevention, information blocks, retention policies, eDiscovery and more.
    • One can also customize teams that are either private or public.
  5. Seamless switching between communication tools: The platform allows for quickly and swiftly switching between chats, audio conversations, and video calls. You can see the ‘chat’ icon on the top left corner, while the ‘audio call’ and ‘video call’ icon can be found on the left sidebar menu.
  6. Creating project-wise channels and teams: Channels are made based on the different projects that team members are working on. This makes finding relevant work files and information simpler as one channel will have everything related to that project. This feature is available with Office 365 only.
  7. Sharing your screen: Microsoft Teams allows for sharing screen space with other members of your team. This can be used effectively to share powerpoints files, make edits and collaborations. Help others see what you are working on through the click of a button.

Collaborate with team members anywhere, anytime, in any way.

While knowing what your business needs are as essential as knowing and empowering your team members to collaborate creatively and efficiently.. So knowing the best practices for collaborating with Office 365 are an added advantage. These can be achieved by -

  1. Turning on auto-save as it saves the document on the cloud without losing anything.
  2. Check version history, anytime anywhere
  3. Collaborate,share,and add comments and mentions on the documents
  4. Collaborating on-the-go.

Collaborate from anywhere using Office 365

The Office 365 mobile app allows you to extend collaboration and remote work beyond traditional means of laptop and desktops. These come with additional features like;

  • Seamlessly collaborate with select peers or with the entire team
  • Effortlessly start in the cloud, share, manage or work as a team
  • Constructively turn on real-time co-authoring and share at will
  • Smartly present to the board of directors
  • Accessing everything in a single place on OneDrive

Office 365 and Microsoft Teams solve digital collaboration challenges and empower companies to work productively in an entirely new manner. As the world evolves into a global workplace, the systems needed to support it also have to rapidly change with the latest tools and features that make remote working faster, secure, effective and smart. Office 365 and Microsoft Teams are all solutions rolled into one and perhaps it is the best time to collaborate online.

Interested in leveraging dynamics 365 for your Business?

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