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Staff Augmentation in Australia

Because of the lack of IT personnel, many startups and established businesses are looking for offshore vendors and remote engineers. Startups are searching for IT professionals who can manage certain tasks and improve the overall skills of their in-house staff. Companies, on the other hand, demand complete control over their project resources, management process, and milestone delivery.

There is good news for all such businesses: startup product development outsourcing is not the only game in town. Many IT firms nowadays use the IT staff augmentation strategy to achieve their targets in less time and cash.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a collaborative outsourcing approach in which highly trained personnel are hired on a contract rather than on a permanent basis. In other words, a staff augmentation business provides you with highly trained and competent people that assist you in reaching all of your project objectives.

Staff augmentation refers to the outsourcing of skilled and experienced professionals. Furthermore, the approach adds significant value by reducing project and operating risks. Short-term or long-term engagements may be required.

The Evolution of Outsourcing into Highly Standardized Staff Augmentation

As the outsourcing business has grown, many contracted firms that provide these services have increased the skill level of their agents to satisfy even the most specialized or industry-specific demands. As a result, using foreign employees is no longer regarded as a drop in quality. IT staff augmentation is one of the most rapidly evolving industries.

While incorporating IT or software, staff augmentation may appear to be arduous. However, it is one of the easiest jobs when creating a software team or handling a project that involves unfamiliar technologies.

Staff augmentation has been a common method of obtaining committed staff. Staff outsourcing, resource augmentation, FTE, project outsourcing, and resource outsourcing are primarily variations of the same idea with slight distinctions in law, execution, and price.

Many firms are now employing industry professionals through staff outsourcing to fulfill their rigorous project requirements and timelines. This technique allows employees and employers to collaborate on a project-by-project basis.

Why is Staff Augmentation Beneficial For Your Business?

Finding the proper tech expertise is getting increasingly difficult for organizations.

According to the 2020 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey of over 4,200 global IT/tech leaders, two-thirds of businesses think a skills shortage holds them back. In addition, Gartner named talent scarcity as the top growing issue for corporate enterprises in 2019.

Working with an in-house team of software engineers provides several appealing advantages. This strategy, however, necessitates extensive preparation, cooperation, and a clear vision of how your staff will assist you in achieving certain goals.

Because this method requires customers to invest time and resources to integrate external developers into existing teams, it is not always the ideal choice for businesses short on time or money. A recruited team is often:

  • Inefficient in sorting short-term initiatives or objectives
  • Cost more than other pricing models
  • Necessitates a significant time commitment

Hence, many IT managers in Australian IT hubs like Melbourne are looking for alternative and cost-effective hiring options in such a competitive environment, where Silicon Valley tech titans can entice the finest graduates with pay offers that are out of reach for many smaller firms. Staffing businesses give direct access to these hard-to-find professionals, no matter where they are in the world.

Staff Augmentation also provides a sound alternative to hiring a dedicated team. This is due to:

  • Flexibility in work operation
  • Cost-effective since it eliminates the investment of hiring an in-house team
  • Merch deals with onboarding experts, reducing your workload
  • Maximum efficiency in hiring the best team for your project

For years now, at InfusAi, we have been hiring and training IT professionals to be experts in their field so that Australian businesses may quickly add skills to their existing IT staff. Hence, whether you are based in Perth or Brisbane, you can now have experts work on projects without the risks, expenses, and liabilities associated with hiring new full-time workers.

You Should Consider Staff Augmentation Solutions for Your Company if:

Need Experts to Work on Projects

You already have engineers working on your product at the local office, but you’d like to expand your team by hiring a team of programmers to build another component of the product. You need to employ a team of 3–8 tech professionals, but this is impossible due to a skills scarcity in your local market. You understand that local recruiting will take too long and that, given the dangers and high market demand, this alternative is not practical.

Need Additional Hands

You are working on a technological product with a team of programmers and need to recruit additional engineers to your team. Because the specialists you want to recruit are hard to come by in your nation, you’re trying to broaden your search.

Want to Focus on Core Responsibilities

With the staff augmentation approach, you have the option of individually selecting applicants and managing them using the techniques of your choice. Essentially, the vendor handles all organizational and administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on your core duties and communicate with your augmented team in the same way that you do with your in-house engineers.

Stand Out From Competition

Software developers want to influence the development process and have a say in corporate choices throughout their careers. As a result, many developers desire to collaborate with product businesses, which is feasible in two ways: direct collaboration with a product company and working through the staff augmentation model. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Utilize Existing Resources for Maximum Efficiency

When it comes to hiring and training expenditures, InfusAi can assist you in utilizing your existing resources. InfusAi, for example, meets augmentation needs by bringing talented and experienced personnel to your teams to help your efforts and respond to business objectives in a reasonable amount of time. You can onboard your new talent in the lowest amount of time with only a few clicks.

InfusAi: Get a Global Player to Manage Staff Augmentation

InfusAi, located in Australia, is a global leader in workforce augmentation. It offers customizable team augmentation services — whether you need to recruit two or twenty developers or you want to compliment your team with additional tech experts for minor or significant issues, we can assist. Our engineers will focus on your product development full-time, with no other projects to distract them.

You’ll be in charge of managing your developers, so they’ll feel like they’re a member of your core team. An HR/Client manager will assist you in facilitating the process if an issue occurs that you or your augmented team need to discuss.

InfusAi, in addition to extending your local staff, provides many other value-added services that enable the smooth integration of your remote development team and assist you in growing your business. AWS, Security Testing, Process Consulting, Cloud Consulting, NanoNets, and Quality Control are among the services offered.

How Does InfusAi Manage Staff Augmentation?

  • Their Global Support engineers are available to assist you throughout the whole CRM, ERP, and Cloud Platform implementation cycle across all product verticals.
  • It may assist you in resolving all types of support difficulties, whether minor or major, and from the small business/corporate segment to the SMB segment.
  • It combines the power of major enterprise and cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and AWS, with our knowledge, expertise, and industry skills to deliver large-scale, platform-enabled change.
  • With InfusAi, you have the freedom to make use of support services as needed. They provide managed services to a wide range of customers in a variety of sectors throughout the world.


We take the time to understand your organization’s goals and culture at InfusAi so that we can provide you with the best staffing solution, whether it’s for a simple IT upgrade or a major development project.

We are proud of the thorough process we have created over the years to hire and train the top developers from all around the world. All applicants are screened for both technical and ‘soft’ abilities, such as emotional acuity and communication, as part of our exclusive recruiting process.

This is why our developers collaborate on fascinating and creative software development projects with top Australian organizations on a regular basis.

InfusAi deals with startups, mom-and-pop shops, and major corporations, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we might be able to assist your company in achieving its extraordinary employment solution.

About Us: Infusai is a lead software development & IT consulting service provider. We design, build, implement and support AI driven intelligent enterprise applications.