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Supercharge your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2020!

Do you want to infuse your business with software that provides an intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) with artificial intelligence?

Sounds great? So here it is:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is business process software launched in 2016 when Microsoft decided to combine the native ERP and CRM.

Microsoft built the software in two editions:

Business edition: It is the more expensive and advanced edition with more built-in features that can harness various domains and vernaculars of a business.

Enterprise edition: This edition is more compatible for the small businesses as it has comparatively fewer features though highly effective and can easily incorporate the CRM and ERP of a small-midsize business.

How does Dynamic 365 help you grow your business?

By combining Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP with Microsoft’s productivity applications, users get a integrated view of data intelligence on customer records, behaviors,transactions and preferences, along with information about orders, inventory and shipping in addition to predictive tools for decision-makers.

One of the great benefits of Dynamic 365 is its perfect integration with other Microsoft software, which saves a lot of time, efforts and resources for a business that relies on Microsoft office 365, outlook or Azure. Dynamic 365 provides more options for integration with other customization options than most CRM systems.

Dynamics 365 benefits additionally include a common UI throughout Microsoft’s suite of business applications, enabling easier training and improved efficiency.

What are some of the most important features of Dynamic 365?

Customer insights: Dynamic 365 provide customer insights gathered from its sources, office 365 and third-party sources to muster actionable insights into the business.

Customer service: It provides customer engagement, self-service, and community tools for support agents to make the process quicker, reliable and more insightful.

Finance and operations: While providing reporting and analytics tools for financial management, it also consists of manufacturing tools for project management, production planning, scheduling and cost management amongst others.

Marketing: Dynamic 365 connect CRM to Adobe marketing cloud to avail the features of targeted campaign management and personalized marketing tools.

Project service automation: This feature consists of service analytics, expense management, project planning and resource scheduling for the perfect timely execution of a project.

Retail management: The very necessary tools of operational insights, merchandise management, employee management, store management, and commerce management are present in Dynamic 365.

Sales management: Providing actionable insights on the behavior pattern of the customers. It avails the business with sales productivity, performance metrics, customer engagement, and personalization to produce consistent sales growth.

Dynamic 365 is undoubtedly one of the important business process software inventions of the 21st century. The businesses all around the world require software that encapsulates the next generation ERP and CRM management.

The time to install Dynamic 365 is now!

Interested in leveraging dynamics 365 for your Business?

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