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The Power Of AI In Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is headed for mass adoption. As global companies gradually wake up to the potential of AI in business transformation, an estimated $46 billion is touted to be invested for AI-related infrastructures in 2020.

One of the key areas AI is making a considerable difference is in frontrunning customer experience in the financial services sector and Microsoft's Dynamic 365 is one of the featured solutions that is spearheading the transformation.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Listed below are the key features of Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 that delivers AI-driven solutions impacting and improving customer experience in the financial services industry:

  • An integrated tool with a singular cloud-based platform
    Microsoft's Dynamic 365 is an integrated AI-cloud based customer relations management tool. Providing improved AI-oriented insights for businesses that can leverage for greater customer satisfaction and resolution. The platform is a suite that comes with preloaded business solutions that help increase sales, offer additional customer support and financial management solutions. The tools can be used in sync or individually depending on the need.
  • Advanced Customer Service Insights AI-Driven Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer service takes the customer experience to a whole new level with customers being able to get intelligent, fast, measurable, and unified services for each and every business query.

This 360-degree overview is made possible through:

  1. Predictive Analysis — Microsoft AI uses predictive analysis to determine patterns in account behaviour and make forecasts to identify potential lending defaulters
  2. Machine Learning — The platform deploys machine learning tools to monitor customer account behaviour on a regular basis. Machine learning recognises patterns and markers from a huge collection of data sets available at the cloud application to predict similar patterns of defaulters and credit risk accounts and flags them before the risk can take place.
  3. Flagship visual dashboards — Now it is easy to get all advanced business analytics, KPI indicators, customer satisfaction resolutions and summary at the single graphical interface. The visual dashboards in the platform is a flagship tool that provides customer service managers to quickly evaluate and act at the click of a button the ability to maintain customer satisfaction levels.
  • Virtual Agent for improved customer service experience
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 packs the powerful Virtual Agents with the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights in a single place allowing customer service teams in easy identification and automation of predictable support issues using intelligent digital assistants. This Virtual Agent includes additional features like —
  1. Cut down resolution time by 50% — Dynamics 365 virtual agent is used by businesses to proactively look into common service requests and FAQs through omnichannel engagements. This brings down query-to-resolution time and reduces costs by empowering customer service teams to act fast and in a minimum amount of time.
  2. Receive out-of-the-box insights — The Dynamics 365 virtual agent provides impressive customer insights that — identify key areas for growth, channels to improve operational efficiency, and a lot more, all using the data. The platform then learns from customer data to make informed and optimised analysis that improves efficiency continuously.
  3. Seamless switching between human-digital assistant interface — Businesses can now configure automated conversations and resolutions through the virtual agent to take informed action without human help. However, in exceptional cases, the virtual agent can escalate the issue for human intervention seamlessly without the customer-wait time. Digital assistants constantly learn from previous requests to improve and adopt best practices with human agents to provide a faster resolution and greater impact.

The future awaits — AI to enhance the customer experience in financial services

Customers today expect a higher level of customer service from any company, small or large. As businesses and organisations in the financial services sectors, these expectations are much higher. So what do you do to build customer loyalty, gain customer confidence, visualize customer engagements better? We at Microsoft believe technology lies at the heart of this future. AI solutions have the potential to make businesses more effective by 86%.

As more people come online from all over the globe, the stress on financial services is going to be more than ever before. Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 helps businesses work faster and smarter, by predicting industry trends, getting the latest information, and providing an all-round customer service solution.

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