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The Shift to new Reality

In the past, customers chased businesses for premium products and services. But today, it's the other way round. The rise of the internet and e-commerce changed the entire equation to making anything and everything accessible at one's fingertips.

Customers today can easily replace traditional brands and legacy businesses. The only way to acquire or retain customers is by building the services and products around the user and building long and sustainable relationships with them. And tech is and will play a vital role in powering businesses.

The post-pandemic situation we live in is moving towards a digital fever mentality - Right from workspaces going remote to delivering groceries in a matter of minutes. And with the universe, slowly shifting to new realities and metaverses. The only business that gives smart experiences and customer journeys will succeed. It's more crucial for a business to question the current way of doing things, innovate, adapt and shift entirely to a new way of doing business.

Digital Transformation, a window into the future.

The answer to that is "Digitalisation" - reinventing businesses and capturing competitive advantages and making transformations to the current business models. According to a recent study, 79% of strategists claim that digital transformation is the only way to create new revenue streams. But so far change has been slow and less than half of the companies that claim to be transitioned bring their digital initiatives to the core of their strategy.

We now live in a digital, global and hyper-connected world, characterised by a change at a social and technological level where the continuous emergence of new players in the markets, off-site mobility and continuous connectivity poses a big influence. Today, digital transformation is not an option; it is necessary to escape the comfort zone, reinvent ourselves and compete in this world overrun by technological advances with the right tech partners.

Carving disruptive paths with focused solutions

Our focus has always been on delivering outstanding customer experiences through transformative business solutions. Our CRM & cloud platforms services are focused on enterprises and SMEs. Enhancing the vitality of businesses with robust Digital solutions built with Cloud platforms, CRM, Staff Augmentation, Automation, and AI solutions help businesses globally stay relevant, face the inevitable and give the upper edge they need in this ever-changing environment.

Making Louder Impacts

In the past couple of years, we've helped over 100+ companies globally, reshape their Operations , Finance , Sales, Marketing, HR, Customer Services and numerous others functions across industries. We've created over

  • 100+ Millions worth new revenue streams across industries with Digital transformations
  • Optimized over 15000+ Hours of Manual works with the latest technologies AI frameworks and robust automation.
  • 50 Mn Dollars of expenses saved across business verticals and processes in Marketing, Manufacturing, IT, Finance and more.
  • 1MN+ Processes automated and reduced over 50+ years of Delivery timelines.

Moreover, We are now the premium partners of the leading digital transformation platforms - Microsoft & Salesforce to enable businesses of all sizes across all verticals and Did we mention it? We've expanded to 2 more continents apart from APAC with brand new offices in Australia & Europe. Our Team size now has grown from over 12 Members to a talent pool of 350+. Today Infusai, Caters to a wider network of businesses across all verticals. We now support over 100+ Clients with our expertise in over 10+ industries.

What's next? The Future in your hands.

This is just a small step towards our vision. We believe Technology is the biggest gift humans have given to themselves and we want to take this gift across the globe, solve problems, help businesses and people come together as one for a brighter future and enhanced living.

About Us: Infusai is a lead software development & IT consulting service provider. We design, build, implement and support AI driven intelligent enterprise applications.